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Hi there, I’m Ian.

Mentor, Pastoral Supervisor and Consultant

Ian has 23 years of experience in ministry. Much of this has been in a voluntary capacity such as Eldership and Community Group leadership, but he also has experience as an employed church and families worker. Ian is passionate about supporting, equipping and walking beside Christians from all walks of life. He is eager to support those in Christian leadership across varied contexts including church, para-church and educational contexts. Ian has particular interests in spiritual formation, burnout, personal wellbeing and life-long service, and ADHD.

In addition to his ministry experience Ian is also a teacher and has over fifteen years of teaching experience in both public and independent schools. Ian is also a committed husband and father to three.

Ian’s commitment to excellence is demonstrated in his passion to be a fully equipped Supervisor and Mentor. To this end he has completed both a Graduate Certificate of Divinity – Christian Mentoring (Brisbane School of Theology) and a Graduate Certificate of Professional Supervision (St. Marks National Theological Centre). These credentials ensure Ian’s capability as both a Professional Supervisor and Mentor.


Support for pastors and Christian leaders in the form of mentoring or supervision is no longer an optional luxury just for those committed to professional growth.  For many, it is a requirement for maintaining accreditation; for most, it is now a necessity for navigating the increasingly complex world of ministry and leadership. 

Ian has trained in both Christian Mentoring and Pastoral Supervision.  He brings to his practice the skills to facilitate sessions with care and compassion.  Ian’s life experience in ministry and leadership enables him to guide and support mentees and supervisees with wisdom and insight.
Tim Dyer – Mentor, Trainer and Supervisor    

It has been exciting over the last 3 years to walk with Ian at Brisbane School of Theology in his development as a gifted, sensitive and wise Christian mentor. As a qualified and experienced mentor and supervisor Ian has the practical tools to help clients enjoy progress in life and ministry. In the challenges of life,  healthy Christian disciples work proactively towards fruitfulness and flourishing. As your Mentor or Supervisor Ian will support that project with personal encouragement and his own wholeness as a secure disciple of Jesus. 
Rev Dr Peter Moore – MEQ Lecturer

Many people don’t feel free to be open and vulnerable, especially when they are in leadership. Mentoring and supervision provide a safe space for the vulnerability that leads to growth.

Ian has completed the MEQ graduate certificate of Christian Mentoring. He is able to integrate secular psychological research with a biblical worldview to support those he meets with grace and honesty. He is warm, thoughtful and wise with experience in the educational sector and Christian ministry.
Kylie Brown – MEQ Lecturer

I have been involved in Ian’s training as a supervisor and I know him to be a caring, thoughtful and reflective practitioner. His training and experience in multiple disciplines including mentoring, supervision and educational leadership brings a richness to his supervision relationships. Working with Ian as a supervisor would be a huge blessing to anyone in vocational ministry, Christian leadership or Christian education. 
Kurt Peters – Pastoral Supervisor

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